Priscilla Vogelbacher is an autodidact, talented in the traditional arts, music and writing. She has been drawing since the age of five and been a highly regarded artist her entire life. What you see in her traditional work is the result of trial and error. Her passion lies in charcoal and graphite portraiture, specializing in emotional conception. For over fourteen years she has been studying occult history, religion, conspiracy, ancillary subjects and is an expert in the mythologies of Mesopotamia and the Abrahamic religions. She is the author of the book Hallowed Be Thy Name: Lucifer, Origins & Revelation, available on Amazon, and is currently working on a second book.


Q: Do you worship Lucifer, Satan or the Devil?

A: No. I am agnostic and therefore do not affiliate myself with any religion or religious organization.

Q: Why are there only a few drawings featured on the site and why is there nothing more recent?

A: The lack of recent work displayed corresponds to my lack of income. If you would like to see more, please buy my books, apparel, prints and other merchandise; your support should eventually manifest a scanner in which I will be able to upload more work.

Q: Why is your book only available as a paperback?

A: Amazon only allows self-publishers this option. No ebook will be available at this time.